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Anonymous said:

So are we doing karaoke because that would be sick (just checkin up on progress ;u;)

The sickest~ That is definitely a thing that we want to do, and as we speak (or…type), Mod R. is elbow-deep in experimentation re: how to best accomplish a 2,000 person virtual karaoke party. Not the easiest of tasks, no, but I’m confident that between the 2,4-hundred-something of us, we’ve got enough reserves of ambition to somehow pull it off. Like 10 whole ambitions, at least.

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prodigytrainer903 said:

For the Homestuck prom, is it ONLY in real life it can it be online also?

Homestuck Prom is pretty much ONLY online except for the rare few of us who can and want to organize something in real life! But most of us will be just on the interwebs!

*Mod R. interjects:*

That is, as far as the majority of organized prom events and interactive areas go, at least. Externally, you’re free to celebrate by yourself or with friends in any way you can think of, whether that be heading to a meet on prom night, inviting your moirail over for photos and a two-person dance party, making themed decorations, and snacks, as much as you care to do IRL to complement the online prom shenanigans, dig~

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Anonymous said:

What were campaigns like last year??? Like what did people do to convince us to vote for them??

The vast majority of last year’s campaigns came in video format, and followed the structure of the candidate simply spelling out why they wanted the throne. There was, of course, variety even within that. 2013 Prom King caldirk wrote his campaign slogan on his face in lipstick, Prom Queen lord-ponty wrote and performed possibly the catchiest ditty to ever exist on ukelele imploring promgoers to “VOT3 T3R3Z1”, and others created slideshows, fantastically amusing power points and expository text posts, and even a rap in attempt to win the allegiance of voters. It was  gr8.

But hell, rather than explain it all to you in slow, lurid detail, why don’t I just show you? You can check them out for yourself if you’d like~ 

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Anonymous said:

How many eligible candidates are there for all the roles so far???

By candidates and roles, I assume you’re asking about Prom Court. 

Currently, there are 10 people on the ballot altogether, 3 candidates for Prom Queen, 3 for King, and 4 for Mayor of Prom Town. 

If you’re asking about how many people have been nominated altogether, we have something like 47 total nominees, some of whom are mad close to officially making it into the running with the current ten~

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Anonymous said:

But do prom king and prom queen have to do something together or

I mean, not really, no. Not that we know of. It’s not like we can force them to share the King/Queen dance or something. Besides, if we did anything like that, it’d have to be a three-way jam. Can’t forget the Mayor~

We’re open to suggestions though.

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Anonymous said:

hi so do you only accept dance video nominations from people being voted for in prom court?

No, anyone can submit dance videos! And please do, we appreciate every single dance video so much. You don’t even understand. If you’ve got the moves, show them, people.

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whatnames2 said:

That was very helpful thank you! One quick question: Are there any specific livestream/skype/etc links I should know about as of now or is that further down the line?

Further down the line~ 

On Prom Night, we’ll open a page of fresh linxxx on the blog, that prom-goers can submit to and find others through~ 

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whatnames2 said:

Um, this is sort of an odd question, but what exactly IS hs prom? I understand that it's an online event but I don't really get how people are getting together...? Thanks in advance!

I feel you, frond. “Online event” kind of explains everything and nothing at all…

It’s kind of like this:

Homestuck is called Homestuck because it begins with the main character literally stuck in his home, right? For a little bit, at least. So consider HSP as being inspired by Homestuck in its purest form~ We’re all fans, cosplayers, etc. from around the world who may or may not have the chance to go to meets, or cons, or even proms where we can party it up with other fans, and so, we compensated by creating one massive, online fancy-dress party meets Homestuck event that is (in most cases) very literally Home-stuck. (Get it? Because you’re usually promming from home Haha. Ha.)

As for what we do here, well, that’s pretty much up to you~ The advantage and disadvantage is that it’s pretty much a fully customizable event. A veritable “Pimp my Promstuck”.

Generally speaking, it starts with participating in the build-up to the event itself. Y’know, finding a d8, an outfit, voting for theme and Prom Court, etc. The build-up is, like, half the fun~

And on actual Prom Night itself, well we do a shit ton of stuff, mostly everyone does something different. Mostly we get all dressed up in our prom gear, and post photos, which are subsequently posted here on the blog. We announce the winners of Prom Court, and Cutest Quadrants (which is new), and then people take to livestreams, Omegle, Skype, Tinychat, all ways of real-time partying and interacting with other prom-goers. We meet, we play games, we listen to music, we dance, we live-blog, and generally we have a grand old time. Of course, people are free to do things other stuff in addition. Hell, we encourage it~ But it’s mostly up to you, and how you elect to use the internet to celebrate prom~

Was that a good enough explanation?

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Anonymous said:

for the dance-off thingy mah booper. do the dances have to go along a certain theme at all? like prom-y slow dancey stuff or they can be whatever? :3

Not at all! Choreographed or complete improv, jazz or hip-hop or clogging, aimless flailing, excited bouncing, pelvic thrusting, that thing that Russians do with their hands at parties—any type of dance (or approximation thereof) is totally welcome~ 

Consider it less a slow-dance prom-type event, and more an excuse to have some fun busting a sweet move for us~

Here’s last year’s Dance-Off video for reference~

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Anonymous said:

has the song been announced yet?

After a gr8 deal of deliber8tion, we’re gonna’ go ahead and call it.

It’s unbearably catchy, and fun, and upbeat (not to mention RELEVANT), and Mod R. simply can’t stop listening to it; the “official” Homestuck Prom 2014 Dance-Off is Dance Apocalyptic, by Janelle Monáe!

Give it a listen and tell me that shit doesn’t make you want to groove violently~