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animallovergirl02 said:

Hi when was this promstuck?

Homestuck Prom 2014 took place on the 23rd of May~

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If you’d be willing to help out with drawing for a small project, let us know!

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thelifeidonthave said:

hello sorry to bother you but me and a friend are wondering how do we vote for the prom king/prince? im not very familiar with how this is done. is it at the prom or online. again sorry for the bother and thank you for the assistance

Prom is over! Sorry you didn’t get to vote. Come by again next year! Also, this is an online prom, in its entirety!

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I haven’t been in the fandom long. The first time I started reading it was after OMGcon 2012. I had heard about it before then, but I was never really interested. So I asked my friend for the link and I read the first act. I didn’t think it was that bad. So I continued reading. By the next OMG I was already up to Act 3, since I stopped reading for awhile. I always keep putting off reading it for unknown reasons. It was after OMG 2013 that I really started getting into it. My girlfriend at the time was into it and cosplayed Jade, so I wanted to make my own cosplay from it. The only problem was that I had never actually made my own cosplay before. I took my time to gather money to buy materials, and choose who I wanted to be. I chose Gamzee because he is my patron troll and we are a lot alike. I absolutely LOVE Gamzee. So I looked up different tutorials and started experimenting on making each part once I had the material. I made my horns out of felt, bought a black wig, and I made the pants. My friend made the shirt for me since I don’t know how to iron things on. At the same time as I was making the cosplay, I started making plushies. My first (and only at the moment) one that I made was Goatdad. I didn’t have fleece, so I made him out of felt. After everything was completed, I was very proud of myself. I never thought I would be able to do it. But thanks to this I was able to make my first cosplay and plush. I am now wanting to continue on with making things. I even do commissions for plushies!~

But thanks to Homestuck, I’ve learned to embrace new things and go on adventures when I can (just gotta be careful). I even learned to appreciate my friends who are there for me even more.


HoNk. :o)

~ChElSeA (ChElZeE)

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I dO bElIeVe I dO lOoK lIkE a GeNtLeTrOlL. :o)

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WeLl. I tRiEd. WhAt Do YoU aLl ThInK? dO i LoOk LiKe A kInD aNd GeNtLeTrOlL? :o)

((Here is my late Promstuck!Gamzee. I didn’t feel like putting the make up on. :p ))

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I just found this picture I took on 4/13 but forgot to post! It’s pretty promy so I guess I’ll submit it here super late!

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I started reading Homestuck in 2012 when my brother talked about it non stop. He has since left the fandom but I’m still here. I didn’t have any friends before Homestuck, and I still don’t. But I don’t feel so alone anymore because of these characters. I know how dumb it is, but I really do see the trolls and kids as my friends and when life gets too hard, I know I can retreat into my head and be with them. My cosplay, art, and writing skills are better than ever before and I have only ever been this emotionally invested in fictional characters once before. I’ve also discovered a world of spirituality I never would have without Homestuck. Zodiacs and fortune telling. These things have become such a major part of my life I can’t even begin to explain. Even if I’m the only one still covered in grey paint years from now, I’ll always be here, and I can’t thank Andrew Hussie enough for giving be these characters I will always turn to for comfort and strength as pathetic as that is. He saved my life. Thank you for reading this, and to the mods, I couldn’t fully participate in prom the way I wanted to but I hope I can be here next year. Thank you for creating this amazing event.

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Since we’re typing out homestuck stories I thought I’d type out mine. Homestuck is the reason I have any of the best friends that I have now. I am so thankful for those thousands of pages of flash images and IM conversations. It was 2012 when I first started to read the comic. It started ironically. As a joke to get on my friend’s nerves with the assistance of another friend of mine. But then we both really started to like it. And eventually, that other friend did too. It sounds weird but, I’m glad we did it. It was March of 2013 when I decided to make a mass homestuck ask blog, better known as ask-shenaniganstuck. It was because of that first friend that I even made the blog in the first place. I wanted to set up teams for us to compete against each other via how many asks were answered. Sollux vs. Karkat. The blog was small at first, mostly people I already knew. A few followers of mine joined in and we started up. Over time the blog grew. More people joined. More friends. More…. family.

They are the people I talked to every day. The one’s I sit up with late at night making jokes most other people wouldn’t understand and I don’t know where I’d be without them. I love every single person on that blog. Making it was one of the best decisions of my life and I will never think otherwise. I got to know my current moirail from it, who I won cutest moirails with. She is a blessing. She has helped me with so much crap I honestly salute her for dealing with it. I invited my boyfriend into it and was able to make a stronger bond with him because of how much we could share. Your own mod, Cap, of course is also a member of the team and they have been a fANTASTIC ADDITION TO THE FAMILY. All of my BEST friends are part of that blog 

While I knew my boyfriend before either of us liked Homestuck. It ended up being Homestuck that helped bring us together too. We were friends a year before we were partners but it was cosplaying Homestuck together at a con that started lighting the spark and now? We’ve been together for a year and 2 months and I never want to be without him again. He is part of my past and part of my future. 

Through Homestuck I have found love and family that will carry on with me. These are bonds that won’t be broken just because a comic has come to an end.

I owe the best parts of my life to Andrew Hussie’s creation and I just want to thank any part of the Shenaniganstuck team who reads this for gracing me with your existence. You’re all wonderful. 


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GG: Oh gosh! Did I miss Homestuck Prom?!?!

GG: I could have sworn I put on a reminder for it.

GG: Oh well! Better late then never I suppose :B